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Along my journey with Hashimoto’s, I’m quickly learning that it's not just what we put into our bodies that helps us heal, it’s also what we do with them.  From our thoughts and the words we use, to the way we move our body and the products we choose to use on them.

I have personally taken my health into my own hands, experimenting with a range of holistic and integrative therapies, including eating organic anti-inflammatory wholefoods, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, massage, reiki, pilates, yoga, meditation and of course, essential oils.  



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My personal journey with Hashimoto’s has led me towards eating life-changing seasonal, organic and anti-inflammatory wholefoods, which I’ve quickly learnt my body thrives on.  It is also very happy to tell me when it doesn’t like something, let me tell you!

My primary plan - to stop any further inflammation from developing in my body and to balance my hormones, leading me once again to say hello to optimal health, energy and pure joy. 

Nutrient-dense food is the key!

Below is where you’ll find little snippets of what I’m learning and loving about the food I now eat, as well as why I do and why I may not.